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So, Living On Video has been dormant for a good long while now.  How ‘bout a shock to the fucking heart with this UH. MAZING single from D’Manti called “Let’s Just Dance (DJ LynWood Bangerz Club Mix), k?  

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I am ALL about this song and video right now O_O

Little Boots - Satellite

So I totally watched the video for this last night… IN MY DREAMS! WHAAAA!

I really thought there was an accompanying video for this song that I actually saw with my own eyeballs. Oh POT, you so crazy. XO

God this annoys me. I love it.

Expose - Come Go With Me by jpdc11

So, basically, this is how you DO. THIS. SHIT.

A Queen can’t ALWAYS be onstage. She gots some laundry to attend to, fool.

So I know you have ALL been waiting with baited breath for my “review” of Lady Gaga’s “Applause” (Applesauce) Video and, well, here it goes;

There isn’t a shred of originality ANYWHERE to be found. Obviously. But, who cares! She is WORKING it like a girl who is down on her luck has to WERK. IT. if she wants to keep herself luxuriating in chicken fingers from KFC. That is some MAJOR werking.

Love it. XO

Love Spent - Madonna from Natan Accioli on Vimeo.

The best Madonna song you’ve never heard; LOVE SPENT

SO. THIS. is. fuckingggg…. JAYA!!!!!!!!!! )exclamations forever) “If You Leave Me Now” is KA-LASSIKK!!!

Back in the freestyle days, they make her look black. but, she wasnt. she PILLIPINA. #fierce